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Residential fire sprinklers

"A home fire sprinkler system, when coupled with smoke alarms, can reduce the risk of death by fire in a home by 82%, while adding less than 1.5% to the total building cost of new construction."

- Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Home fires are an all too common tragedy – over 3,000 people DIE each year due to fire. Having fire sprinklers in your home is like having a firefighter in your home 24/7, even while you are away.

STAT FIRE SPRINKLER/NYC can install fire sprinklers for you – quickly and easily – into your new or existing home -giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and other precious assets are protected from fire.

In the event of an uncontrolled fire – the heat rises to the ceiling, activating ONLY THE CLOSEST sprinkler – contrary to popular belief NOT all the sprinklers are activated – each sprinkler operates independently – and sprays water only when it reaches a predetermined temperature

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